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Container inspections

One of the options provided by ASi Ukraine LLC is rendering of inspection services for cargoes carried in containers, both FCL and LCL. Representatives of our company can perform inspections of container cargoes at all stages of transportation beginning with the loading of cargo into containers at shipper’s warehouse and ending with the delivery of cargo to a receiver.

Inspection services provided by ASi Ukraine LLC and relating to cargo carriage in containers are as follows:

Контроль процесса погрузки груза в контейнеры, рефрижераторы, флекситанки:
  • Inspection of containers for cleanliness, integrity, tightness to prevent damage of the cargo during transportation and estimation of their suitability for carrying intended cargo;
  • Cargo loading calculation, visual inspection of condition of cargo and packaging at point of origin and/or prior to being loaded, including stowage;
  • Verification of quantity actually loaded into a container to declared quantity;
  • Supervision of weighing operations for loaded containers;
  • Sealing of containers’ doors and verification of the seals fixed to containers.
Container surveys at loading / discharging ports:
  • Visual inspection of containers during loading / discharging operations;
  • Inspection of seals fixed to containers, additional sealing if necessary;
  • Supervision of the order of loading on board the vessel to be in conformity with a cargo plan;
Inspection of cargo condition during discharge into receiver’s warehouse, cars, railway cars:
  • Inspection of seals for integrity, inspection of technical state of containers;
  • Calculation of discharged cargo, visual inspection of packaging and quantity being in conformity with accompanying documents;

At all stages of inspection our surveyors take pictures of containers, cargo condition, loading / discharging operations, damages of cargo, they in detail inform clients during twenty four hours on any irregularities / inconformities that may affect quality or quantity of cargo. As a result of the inspections performed there will be issued international certificates which can be used as an essential argument for solving any disputable issues connected with shortage / damage of the cargo resulting from its transportation.

In addition, ASi Ukraine LLC offers consulting services relating to loading / discharging operations, stowage / placing of cargo in containers, transport conditions for various commodities.

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