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Marine inspections

ASi Ukraine LLC provides the following scope of marine inspections:
  • Сondition survey of vessels at the request of P & I Clubs
  • Hull & Machinery survey at the request of insurance companies
  • On-hire / Off-hire Survey of the vessel
  • Bunker survey
  • Survey of the damage to hull and to vessel machinery
  • Ultrasonic test, hose-test
  • Draft Survey

According to the P & I Clubs’ rules the vessels are subject to inspection to confirm their technical condition, the new record in the List of Vessels Entered or withina policy year at managers option.In conformity with the charter-party clauses in case the vessel is time chartered by the charterer the latter should deliver the vessel and especially vessel cargo spaces to the ship-owner in the same state they were before she was time chartered.

To meet this obligation the parties usually nominate a surveyor at the beginning and at the end of charter period to ascertain the condition of the vessel, vessel cargo handling gear, vessel holds, elements of vessel structure and to describe mechanical damages which may further cause the claim against responsible party under the contract.

According to the time charter the vessel being chartered should be subject to Hull & Machinery survey before and after charter or any other kind of lease. Together with Hull & Machinery survey thebunker survey is performed. Sometimes only bunker survey is requested to define the quantity of fuel at the beginning and at the end of charter. Unker survey means determination of the actual quantity of vessel bunkers and other bunker stocks by tank soundings.

Bunker survey is carried out in the cases as follow:

  • In the event of On-hire / Off-hire, for financial settlements;
  • In conjunction with a drat survey.

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